Regulatory governance
Edited by Maggetti; Di Mascio; Natalini (2022)
Handbook of Regulatory Authorities (EE Publishing)
Featuring a comprehensive analytical collection of interdisciplinary research on regulatory authorities, this innovative Handbook presents the fundamental concepts, theories, practices, and empirical achievements and challenges in the contemporary study of regulatory authorities. Opening with a comparative overview of regulators across global regions, regulatory sectors, and regulatory types, the Handbook discusses the key regulatory conceptual issues of independence, politicization, and quality. Contributions from leading scholars and regulatory practitioners provide cutting-edge research on reputation, performance, and control in regulatory authorities. Chapters combine foundational theoretical concepts with empirical research to consider the emerging advances, challenges, and questions in the field, while also giving weight to critical examinations of complex and underexplored issues in research on regulatory authorities. Forward-thinking, the Handbook concludes by expanding its focus to analyse behavioural insights, innovation, agenda-setting, and new frontiers in regulation. With a cross-disciplinary approach, this all-encompassing Handbook will prove invaluable for students and scholars of politics, law, and economics with a regulatory governance perspective. Global in scope, it will be an essential point of reference for policy analysts, practitioners, and policymakers working in regulation and regulatory authorities.