Il network è composto da studiosi o professionisti che hanno partecipato alle attività della cattedra o del modulo Jean Monnet, intervenendo a conferenze o eventi, partecipando come supervisori di tesi/progetti, o facendo parte del comitato di valutazione della cattedra o del comitato di valutazione del contest buone pratiche regolatorie.

The network is made up of scholars or professionals who have participated in the activities of the Chair or the Module, either by speaking at lectures or events, participating as supervisors for thesis/project works, or being part of the Chair's evaluation committee or the Good Regulatory Practices Contest evaluation committee.

Alberto Alemanno
Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law at HEC Paris 

Robert Baldwin
Emeritus Professor of Law at LSE

Florentin Blanc
Head of Regulatory Delivery Programme at OECD

Cary Coglianese
Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science; Director, Penn Program on Regulation

Paola Coletti
Associate Professor in Political Science at Unimercatorum and OECD consultant

Maria De Benedetto
Full Professor of Administrative Law at Roma Tre University

Fabrizio Di Mascio
Full Professor of Political Science at University of Turin and President of the Observatory on Italian Independent Regulators' RIA 


Fabiana Di Porto
Professor of Economic Law and Law & Tech at Salento University and LUISS.

Luca Ferrara
Head of the  "Rappresentante Unico e Ricostruzione, Conferenze di Servizi" Office (Lazio Region) 

Agime Gerbeti
Expert for the G20 Environment at the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition and  Senior expert for the Energy Services Operator (Gestore Servizi Energetici S.p.A.)

Veerle Heyvaert 
Professor of Law at LSE

Nicola Lupo
Full Professor of Public Law at LUISS University and Coordinator of the Italian Unit for Rationalisation and Better Regulation

Nadia Marin
Coordination Director - European Policy Coordination Service (Department for European Policies - Presidency of the Council of Ministers)

Maria Luce Mariniello
Officer for the Communications Guarantee Authority

Mario Martelli 
Better Regulation expert for the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Gabriele Mazzantini
Officer for the Italian Competition Authority

Maria Mousmouti
Lecturer in Law at UCL London

Antonio Nicita
Full Professor of Economic policy and Senator of the Italian Republic, former Regulatory Scrutiny Board member (European Commission)

Antonio Perrucci
Director of ASTRID'S Digital Ecosystem Lab

Federico Ponte
Official (Commissions and Regulatory Impact Service) at the Legislative Assembly Regional Council of Liguria

Claudio Radaelli
Professor of Political Science at EUI

Carolina Raiola
National Delivery unit expert (Consultation and Communication) for the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Siriana Salvi
Manager at the Unit for Simplification at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Francesco Sarpi
Expert for the Impact Assessment Unit at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Laura Savelli
Lawyer - Istituto Grandi Infrastrutture (IGI)

Juli Ponce Solé
Full Professor of Administrative Law at Universitat de Barcelona

Laura Tafani
Former Parliamentary Counsellor for the Italian Senate

Giancarlo Vecchi
Associate Professor of Political Science

Helen Xantachi
Professor of Laws at UCL

Visiting Researchers


Oscar Capdeferro Villagrasa


Oscar Capdeferro is a Lecturer in Administrative Law at the University of Barcelona (UB).
He holds an Advanced Master's Degree in Legal Sciences (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2010) and a PhD in Law (UB, 2015), awarded with an International Mention and the Extraordinary Doctoral Prize for the 2014/2015 academic year.
He has carried out research visiting at the Italian Universities of Bologna, Ferrara and LUMSA, and at the University of Oxford (UK).  
His scientific production has focused mainly on the study of corruption, field in which can be highlighted his monograph 'El Derecho Administrativo y la prevención de la corrupción urbanística', published by Marcial Pons in 2016 and awarded with the Ferrer Eguizábal Legal Prize 2015 in Administrative Law. 
His recent research is focused on the effects that the use of artificial intelligence can have on the improvement of public service, and its risks, on which he has also written several book chapters and scientific papers.