Roundtable Debate: "Regulating Digital Platforms: Who, Why, How"

The Roundtable will be focused on data as an economic good and the relation between digital giants and algorithms. In particular, focusing on data portability, data as a non-essential facility, network effects and killer mergers. Moreover, reference will be made to antitrust remedies, critical issues, and regulatory challenges, as well as to the Digital Services Act package.

The Roundtable will be held by Prof. Antonio Nicita, RSB, former Commissioner of the Italian authority for electronic communication and Professor of Economic Policy, Prof. M. Rizzolli and Prof. N. Rangone.

The Roundtable will be crucial for PhD students in the Sciences of civil economy (offered by LUMSA) and the Erasmus Mundus European Master of Law and Economics-EMLE students who have chosen to follow the “public track” of the Master and to finalise their specialization at LUMSA. These students have various backgrounds (e.g. economics, law, political science) which could lead to multidisciplinary feedback on the subject and open the discussion to different potential approaches.

The event is open to external attendees.

19 May 2021
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