Regulatory Scrutiny Board | 2022 annual report

The Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board published its 2022 annual report!

The increased flow of new initiatives that characterised 2021 was maintained with the remaining key legislative proposals designed to implement the broader strategic goals set out in the Political Guidelines of the President. Board staff turnover continued in 2022 and despite recruitment processes it remained below its full strength throughout 2022 increasing the workload on existing members. In December 2022, the President took the decision to reinforce the Board with an additional two members and to strengthen its scrutiny on competitiveness. The new members are expected to be recruited in 2023.

The Board scrutinised 70 impact assessments (compared to 83 in 2021) and 8 major evaluations. The rate of negative opinions for initial submissions of impact assessments was 34 %, which was an improvement on the 37 % initial negative opinions in 2021. The initial negative opinion rate for evaluations was 0 %, a significant improvement on the 27 % rate in 2021, and well below the average between 2017 and 2020 of 40 %.

Read it, including conclusions and outlook, here.