[NEWS] OMB Releases Implementation Guidance (Draft for Public Review) Following President Biden’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

As per previous news, President Biden has signed an Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This order aims to harness the potential of AI while managing its risks. To do so, the federal government will lead by example and provide a model for responsible AI use. Vice President Harris has announced that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is releasing a draft policy for review to advance governance, innovation, and risk management for AI use in federal agencies.

The proposed guidance involves several key components:

1.    Strengthening AI Governance:

  • Designating Chief AI Officers in federal agencies to oversee AI activities and manage AI risks.
  • Establishing internal mechanisms for coordinating AI efforts, including AI Governance Boards.
  • Expanding reporting on AI usage in agencies and publishing compliance plans.

2.    Advancing Responsible AI Innovation:

  • Developing agency AI strategies to enhance AI infrastructure, workforce, and governance.
  • Removing barriers hindering responsible AI use, such as IT infrastructure limitations, data sharing gaps, and workforce practices.
  • Exploring generative AI use with safeguards and oversight.

3.    Managing Risks from AI Use:

  • Mandating specific safeguards for AI uses impacting public rights and safety, including assessments, evaluations, real-world testing, equity considerations, and public consultation.
  • Defining areas where AI is presumed to impact rights and safety, such as health, education, and law enforcement.
  • Providing recommendations for risk management in federal procurement of AI.

The draft guidance aims to focus on concrete harms without impeding AI innovation and will align federal contracts with these recommendations. It acknowledges the importance of ensuring that AI respects individuals' rights and safety when used in government functions.

The document also highlights various successful applications of AI in federal agencies, such as predicting infectious diseases, managing natural disasters, providing weather alerts, monitoring the environment, and cybersecurity.

Overall, this initiative is part of the Biden-Harris Administration's efforts to advance the safe and trustworthy development and use of AI, promoting responsible AI practices while benefiting society. It builds on existing frameworks and emphasizes leadership, milestones, and transparency in AI implementation within the federal government.