[NEWS] The Good Lobby Tracker!

How a company behaves politically is as important as its environmental or social operational record. Yet little is known about how companies organize and exercise their lobbying activities. Following such lack, The Good Lobby designed a live navigator of standards on corporate political activity - called The Good Lobby Tracker.

The Good Lobby Tracker serves as a real-time navigator offering practical insight and help for all interested stakeholders in plotting the path towards corporate political responsibility and sustainability, including for:

  • investors and other capital providers
  • standard-setting bodies
  • ESG providers
  • individual companies
  • trade associations
  • civil society organisations and lobbying watchdogs.

The Tracker assesses all existing corporate political responsibility initiatives, from ESG data providers to sustainability frameworks, and underlying methodologies against an evolving set of essential and desirable expectations that reflects the latest thinking by scholars and practitioners on what a clear, comprehensive actionable assessment and reporting of a company’s political activities should look like and strive towards.

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