[NEWS] EU State of the Union 2023

On 13 September 2023, the EU State of the Union 2023 was held in Strasbourg. President von der Leyen gave her speech live during the European Parliament plenary session.


Every year, the President of the European Commission speaks about the important issues facing Europeans and presents ideas for solving them in the State of the Union. This includes suggestions for new European laws or policies.


In presenting the new State of the Union, the EU emphasises how, over the past year, EU citizens have not only regained confidence in the resilience, agility, and vision of the Union but have also emerged stronger and more united.


In the report that accompanies the State of the Union announcement, the challenges (and achievements) faced by Europeans over the past year are traversed.


For instance, standing by Ukraine as long as necessary and fully exploiting the EU's economic and financial strength - in the context of fulfilling the Defending Europe promise.


The topic of REPowerUE and regaining our energy independence is also commented on, along with the acceleration of the European Green Deal; the realisation of Europe's digital decade and the strengthening of the EU's single and social market. What above, added to efforts to help Member States improve their public administrations and keep up with current and future challenges, as part of the Investing in Europe's Prosperity project.


On the last achievement - Building Europe's Social Resilience, it is presented the work done, for example, on supporting the rule of law and fighting corruption, along with enhancing humanitarian aid.


On a last note, the main message is that democratic traditions, aspirations, and unity are among the strengths of the EU.


The recording of the live stream of the State of the Union address is available on this page.