A "Jean Monnet Chair" on Better Regulation awarded to LUMSA

The Chair offers three courses on Better Regulation and many related activities organised over three years 

EU Approach to Better Regulation - Master Course. The 40 hours Master Course held in English is aimed at increasing employability and improving career prospects, by providing participants with an innovative approach to regulation according to European principles and guidelines. These new career chances will be provided also to students who do not automatically come into contact with European studies in their curricula. The topics addressed and the teaching methodology make this course of interest to Law, Political Science, and Economics students, as well as to Language, Psychology and Communication students. The Master Course is built on the success of the JM Module on EU Approach to Better Regulation which started on 1st September 2016 ending on 31 August 2019. The Course will end with a month internship in a regulatory institution, regulated firm or think tank.

Better Regulation Advanced is a multidisciplinary course of 20 hours held in English addressed to students who wish to reach an advanced knowledge on the theory and practice of better regulation. The course is for EMLE students who have chosen to follow the “Economic Analysis of Public and International Law” track of the master and to finalise their specialization at LUMSA. A selected number of students who attended the EU Approach to Better Regulation and PhDs are also eligible for enrolment. 

Summer School on Better Regulation. A one month Intensive Professional Course of 30 hours per 6 days a week will be offered to future professionals and to practitioners. Previous successful experiences confirm the need for intensive professional training on a comprehensive approach to Better Regulation  within the Italian panorama (three editions of a three full day executive training programs have been organized by the Chair holder with M. D’Alberti, Sapienza University, and R. Baldwin, London School of Economics, in Sept 2015, March 2014 and Sept 2012). In order to answer this demand, the Course will be organised around the main Better Regulation tools, starting from case studies selected among the fields of current or future activities of participants  in order to later frame the theoretical principles and methodologies. Differently from the Master Course, this training program is devoted to the national rules concerning Better Regulation tools, aiming at improving an implementation which is consistent with the European approach. Training will be held at LUMSA in Rome, where most of the regulators, regulated firms and think tanks are located. 

Related activities

  • International conference on “The Crisis of Confidence in Legislation and Regulation” (October 25, 2019). The discussion was devoted to the role that Better Regulation tools can play in order to prevent regulatory inflation and corruption, to increase competitiveness and to improve the quality of every-day activities of firm and lives of citizens. The topic was addressed both from practical and theoretical point of view, in order to be of interest for policy-makers and rule-makers (working at national, regional and local level), practitioners, consumer associations, regulated firms and their associations, scholars and students. 
  • Workshop: “What role do psychology and neuroscience play in effective regulation?”
  • Roundtable debate on Experimental approach to Electronic Communication Regulation”
  • Roundtable debate on “Informed consent for patients/consumers’ empowerment”
  • European Researchers Night: workshop on “An experiment to understand financial markets and their regulation” 
  • High School week on Financial Education
  • Study visits to the Chamber of Deputies and to the Senate of the Republic