A Green Deal for All: Ensuring an equitable green transition through Better Regulation | C.R. Sunstein; A. Nicita






Robert Walmsley University Professor of Law 

Harvard Law School 


Member, Regulatory Scrutiny Board 

European Commission  


A Green Deal for All: 

Ensuring an equitable green transition through Better Regulation 


Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 16h00 – 17h00 CEST 

Format: Zoom call (dial-in details to be shared upon registration) 

“There always are winners and losers” is not a trivial statement. The transformation to a greener and more sustainable economy is likely to bring about profound changes, potentially disrupting whole regional economic systems. The conflict in Ukraine re-focuses the agenda on ensuring security in food and energy – both in Europe and globally – protecting the most vulnerable workers, consumers and tax-payers from falling behind. At the same time, the need to sustain prosperity, the foundation on which strategic resilience and social coherence rests, becomes a critical priority for governments yet again. In the face of these challenges, governments need to make better, more informed decisions that recognise the complex human consequences of interventions. 

Better Regulation works as a guiding philosophy of government. Applied to individual initiatives, for instance through Regulatory Impact Assessments, it helps achieve coherent, proportionate, and legitimate outcomes. Defining how societal goals are to be achieved, and understanding and managing the way in which policy impacts are distributed across society, through value chains and over time, is therefore more relevant than ever. Public consent and prosperity depend on it. 

There is a vibrant debate both in the United States and in Europe about equity in policy-making and regulatory activity. I am delighted that Professor Cass Sunstein, one of the world’s finest and influential thinkers of modern regulation, has agreed to address the ERIF again and discuss how it is important to develop a human-centred appraisal of policy consequences. We will also engage with Professor Antonio Nicita, who recently joined the Regulatory Scrutiny Board of the European Commission and has extensive knowledge of the interface between regulation, technologies and consumers’ welfare. 

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, 17 May 2022 (16h00 CEST), lasting for approximately 60 minutes. The event and subsequent discussion will be held under The Chatham House Rule. You are warmly invited to join us! 

We will use the Zoom software, but the option will be open to call in by phone as well. 

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17 May 2022