Florentin Blanc - "Regulation and the Covid19 response: protecting safety or endangering it?”

Lecture on “Regulation and the Covid19 response: protecting safety or endangering it?”
Florentin Blanc, OECD Senior Policy Analyst, will outline the key regulatory aspects of the Covid-19 crisis response, identifying the areas of concern and focusing on the most thorny regulatory issues.
The lesson will be held on Google Meet platform, on Monday, April 6th, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. If you what to join the class, ask the link to rossana.amoroso92@gmail.com


The situation of serious epidemiological emergency caused by Covid-19 requires a regulatory intervention at nearly every stage and in most areas. In fact, regulation not only affects the availability of diagnostic tools and of those necessary to fight the virus, but also the design and implementation of rules and tools to control and curb its spread by changing social behaviours. Even during a lockdown, in which there is a setback or a significant slowdown in various sectors of the economy, it is necessary to guarantee certain services, defined as essential, and it is at this point that regulation and enforcement come into play again. In addition, besides the immediate response to stem the crisis, regulation also matters in enabling economic and social recovery, and better preparedness for future crise