[Event] ERIF High-Level Conference: Better Regulation, Investment and Technology: Unleashing Europe’s potential for Dynamism and Prosperity-Friday 1 December 2023 (14h00-16h00 CET) Online

ERIF High-Level Conference

Better Regulation, Investment and Technology:
Unleashing Europe’s potential for Dynamism and Prosperity

Friday 1 December 2023 (14h00-16h00 CET)


The European Union is committed to creating a more prosperous, greener and more strategically resilient economy. Achieving these goals will require the allocation of capital to the EU on a massive scale. Whilst the public sector will play an important role, it is widely recognised that the overwhelming majority of investment will come from the private sector. Regulation will strongly influence this process by shaping and determining market access, economic dynamism, the exploitation of ideas and the allocation of capital. This includes the impact of both existing and radical new forms of regulation (which we call Novel Regulatory Philosophies) currently being proposed and implemented by the European Commission.


​This High-Level Conference will explore how policy-makers can best use and adapt the EU’s regulatory framework to achieve its ambitious goals.
​Our panel of outstanding speakers from, the Swedish Government, the OECDERT, the European Innovation Council and the European Commission will discuss how good regulation can recognise and address barriers to capital allocation and create incentives for capital allocation in Europe.
To start this discussion, ERIF will present the main findings from its latest substantive research on the management of risk and technology at EU level including through Novel Regulatory Philosophies. Drawing on the principles of Better Regulation, ERIF recommendations for the new Parliament and Commission will be outlined. We are delighted to invite you to join this event and participate in the discussion which will be under Chatham House Rules.
​14h00 Welcome by the Chair — Howard Chase, ERIF 
14h10 Better Regulation and the Management of Technologies in the EU: Insights from ERIF — Richard Meads Rapporteur, ERIF 
14h30 Questions and Answers 
14h45 Making it happen through Better Regulation - Roundtable discussion moderated by Howard Chase 
• What are the current and emerging regulatory challenges for capital allocation in Europe? 
• How can regulatory policy create incentives for the allocation of capital? 
• What are the elements of a renewed EU Better Regulation agenda that can overcome obstacles and strengthen incentives to allocate capital?
Dr. Rolf Höijer, Senior Adviser, Swedish Government, and Former Chair, Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth (Better Regulation), Council of the European Union 
Dr. Chiara Criscuolo, Head, Productivity Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division OECD 
Professor Mark Ferguson, Member of the Board, European Innovation Council 
Dr. Judith Ay, Policy Director, European Roundtable for Industry 
TBC, European Commission
15h45 Questions and Answers 
16h00 Concluding remarks - Dirk Hudig, Special Advisor, ERIF
01 December 2023