EUI: FBF Cross-Border Banking Supervisory Cooperation Academy

The European University Institute School of Banking and Finance launched the first edition of the online Academy on Cross-border banking supervisory cooperation.

The Academy will focus on the opportunities to rethink the basis for cooperation within cross-border banking and its impacts on financial stability while understanding the institutions, law, economics and culture behind cross-border supervisory cooperation.

Targeting mid and high-level officials from central banks, regulatory authorities, ministries of finance, interested young professionals and academics, mid-level and senior bank staff who are already familiar with banking and regulatory/supervisory tools, the Academy programme is organized in three weeks, from the 22nd November to the 10th December. The registration deadline is set for the 8th of November.

The modules and live classes will be structured as follows:

Week 1

o   The rationale for cross-border supervisory cooperation – impact on financial stability

o   Cross-border supervisory cooperation – institutions, law, economics and culture

o   Modalities and mechanisms for cross-border supervisory cooperation

o   Geographic case-studies of cross-border supervisory cooperation

Week 2

o   Cross-border supervisory cooperation in Europe and cooperation within the euro area/Banking Union

o   Cross-border cooperation in resolution and insolvency

o   Impact of European architecture on third countries

o   The view from the Bankers

Week 3

o   Failure of a major cross-border bank (Simulation)

o   Future challenges for enhanced supervisory cooperation and financial stability

The course directors are Ignazio Angeloni (HKS and SAFE); Maria Ana Barata (EUI, FBF); Thorsten Beck (EUI, FBF); Christy-Ann Petit (Dublin City University/Brexit Institute).

Additional information on the list of instructors and guest speakers can be found here and in the brochure.