AI and Climate Data

[PENN PROGRAM ON REGULATION] In this workshop, Dr. Amy Braverman will consider the role of AI in addressing climate change through the lens of the most comprehensive data resource for understanding climatic change: satellite data. Satellites have been observing the Earth for more than 50 years (LandSat) and provide a massive, distributed global archive of information. In the United States, most of these data are provided by NASA and NOAA, but other space agencies, such as those in Europe, Japan, and India, also have robust data collection programs. Braverman will show why it is important to understand how these are collected and processed. Crucially, because all geophysical data derived from satellites are inferences based on observed spectra, they are subject to uncertainties. Braverman will explain why quantifying these uncertainties is critical if informed decisions are to be made in response to climate change.

The AI and Climate Change workshop series is organized by the Penn Program on Regulation and is made possible in part by funding from the Environmental Innovations Initiative. We also thank the Kleinman Center for Energy PolicyCenter for Technology, Innovation & CompetitionWarren Center for Network and Data Sciences, and Wharton Climate Center for their co-sponsorship of the series.

31 October 2023