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This presentation examines what ‘good’ regulation looks like and the set of difficulties faced by regulators who seek to justify their actions. It explores the characteristics that are commonly displayed by excellent regulators and it considers prevailing approaches to regulatory improvement. The challenges encountered in using Impact Analyses to secure ‘better’ or ‘smarter’ regulation are explored and it will be argued that these fall into three categories: technical issues,  setting Impact Analyses within policy and law-making processes, and ensuring that ‘better’ regulation is encouraged

  1. Prof.ssa Rangone, LUMSA
  2. Prof.ssa Parisi, ANAC
  3. Dott. Galtieri, procuratore generale Corte dei Conti
  4. Cons. Contessa, Consigliere di Stato 

  • Cognitive sciences for a more effective regulation seminars
  1. Private investors in financial market protection, April 20, 2015:
  2. Tax evasion, May 4, 2015:
  3. Gambling, May 18, 2015:
  4. Energy efficiency, Jun 18, 2015
  5. Corruption prevention, January 26, 2016