Who can be enrolled?

  • The course is for LUMSA students, Graduate and Master Programs (Lauree Magistrali) and Law Degrees (ciclo unico), both from Rome and Palermo. 
  • The topics addressed and the teaching methodologies make this course of interest to Law, Political Science, and Economics students, as well as to Language, Psychology, and Communication students. Regulatory institutions, think-tanks and regulated firms are indeed increasingly in need of professionals with law and economics' skills enriched by knowledge on better regulation tools. The same can be said for Political Science, Languages, Psychology and Communication students, whose career opportunities may improve. Background materials will be given to students according to their specific needs (upon request).
  • For non-LUMSA students, the subscription cost is 250 euro + 16 euro (for the stamp). This allows to follow the course and download materials (PPT presentations and background documents). 
  • Good knowledge of English is required.