Student learning assessment

Final Exam

The final exam should be prepared through PowerPoint presentations and related materials.

  • During the summer exam session only, the final exam consists in a simple oral question for those who have achieved 18 points or more thanks to the activities performed during the course. Please note that the oral question is intended to confirm the mark not to increase it.
  • For attendees (who are those who check-in to at least 2/3 of the classes): in the final exam, they can pick 3 questions out of 5. The evaluation of in-class activities contributes to increase the final mark. Students can take the exam as an attendee only during the summer exam session (June and July). In the following exam sessions everybody is considered as a non-attendee, but the points achieved will be considered.
  • Non-attendees students: in the final written exam, they must answer the 3 questions assigned and there will be no points for activities related to the course.