Student learning assessment

Final Exam

The final exam should be prepared through PowerPoint presentations and readings (such as academic papers) uploaded on the FAD platform.

The final exam is intended to verify the understanding and acquisition of critical thinking skills on regulation. It also aims at evaluating the ability to read, understand, summarize and critically comment regulation or European and International documents on regulation.

The final exam will be written, with the possibility of an oral assessment for those who wish.

Attendees (Frequentanti) are those who check-in to at least 2/3 of classes. For attendees:

                • The final mark can be increased by up to 10 points thanks to in-class exercises, presentation and regulatory clinic outcomes 

                • In the final exam, attendees can pick 3 questions out of 5

                • You can take the exam as an attendee only during the summer exam session (June and July). In the following exam sessions everybody is a non-attendee.

Non Attendees (Non Frequentanti) must answer the 3 questions assigned.

Final Exam organisation:

  1. Duration: 60 minutes

  2. You can gain between 8 and 12 points for each question (depending on their relative difficulty) 

  3. The top mark for the whole exam is 30 points (cum laude)

  4. If 4 questions are answered, the 3  with the highest mark will be taken into consideration

  5. You can answer in Italian if you prefer

  6. The use of mobile / tablet / other devices is strictly forbidden

  7. IMPORTANT: carefully read  your question and answer it accurately. You don't have much time to answer and if you are too vague or too generic the answer will be considered wrong

  8. Final mark: A + B
    A = Mark for your final exam out of thirty
    B = Additional points for in-class exercises (10 points max)

Final Exam dates:

  1. June 
  2. July
  3. September 
  4. January
  5. February