February 17 5-7 PM, Monday Introduction to the course and cognitive experiment

February 20

5-7 PM, Thursday Economic foundation of regulation 
February 24 5-7 PM, Monday Tools to improve the quality of law and regulation
February 26 5-7 PM, Thursday Impact Assessment + in class exercise
March 2 5-7 PM, Monday Assessing regulation + in class exercise 
March 5 5-7 PM, Thursday Regulation and competition + in class exercise
March 9

5-7 PM, Monday

March 12 5-7 PM, Thursday Introduction to experimental method 
March 16 5-7 PM, Monday Behavioural regulation
March 19 5-7 PM, Thursday Behavioural Psychology and Neurosciences
March 23 5-7 PM, Monday Cognitive-based regulation and enforcement strategies
March 26 5-7 PM, Thursday

 Regulatory clinic: participation to a consultation process. Background documents analysis

UK, Consultation principle guidance, 2018

March 30 5-7 PM, Monday

Regulatory clinic: participation to a consultation process

Draft guidelines on consultation of the Italian Government

April 2 5-7 PM, Thursday

Flipped classroom

  • Evaluation of an IA (UK Railways regulation)

One chapter of the Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment

April 6 5-7 PM, Monday

Flipped classroom

C. Farina, M.J. Newhart, J. Heidt, Rulemaking vs. Democracy: Judging and NudgingPublic Participation That Counts, in Environmental Law Reporter, vol. 44, n. 8, 2014

April 9 - 14 Easter Holiday  
April 15 3-5 PM Wednesday

Prof. Eyal Zamir (Hebrew University): Prospect Theory, Loss Aversion and the Law

April 17 3-5 PM Friday Prof. Eyal Zamir: Behavioral Market Failures and Regulatory Responses
April 20 5-7 PM, Monday Study Visit Chamber of deputies - date to be determined
April 23 5-7 PM, Thursday Study Visit Senate of the Republic - date to be determined
April 27 5-7 PM, Monday Study Visit Presidency of the Council of Ministries - date to be determined
April 30 5-7 PM, Thursday