Materials and new technologies

  • Video-recorded lessons, slides and relevant materials are available through Google Classroom or other platforms

  • The course uses a new technological and innovative service developed by an Italian start-up. This allows participants to view again all or part of the contents of the course, with the inclusion of a large number of functionalities.
    First, you can speed up the video-recorded lessons, so as to present a "highlight" of each class. Second, it is possible to search for keywords that lead directly back to the moment when that word was used by the Lecturer. Third, the keyword search also works on the slides that are shown along with the lesson recording. It is possible to navigate through the slides without interrupting the video and by selecting a particular slide go directly to desired moment of the lecture (the system is capable of automatically identifying in the slides the words used by the Lecturer during the lecture).

The images below show content in Italian as the service was used for another course. The functionality is now active for the EU Approach to Better Regulation course as well.