Find a consultation

Find a Consultation

Public Consultation is one of the key regulatory tools and it is able to improve regulatory quality by boosting transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of regulation.
Thanks to such tool, whoever has interest can provide administrations with comments, ideas and any other kind of information that can be used to enrich and improve a decision to be taken, a measure to be adopted, or to monitor the effects of already taken decisions.
Among other pros, public consultations bring into the discussion experts or subjects directly affected by the proposed regulations, helps regulators to balance all the interests at stake, to identify consequences not previously considered and potential administrative burdens.
The aim of this page is to help finding regulations open to consultation or past consultations already closed, in order to contribute to the knowability of this key tool.


This portal provides a single access point for users who intend to participate in the consultation initiatives carried out by public administrations.



ParteciPa is an open-source platform promoted by the Department of Public Administration and the Department for Institutional Reform of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, realised with the support of Formez PA and Agid.
The open-source software on which the platform is based is made available to all public administrations - state, regional and local - that wish to use it.
The commitment to promoting greater citizen participation is also realised through the portal, which collects links to public consultations promoted by public administrations, and offers citizens the opportunity to find in one place the consultations they are interested in.

Independent Administrative Authorities

  • CONSOB (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • BANCA D’ITALIA (Bank of Italy)
  • IVASS (Insurance Supervisory Authority)
  • AGCOM (Authority for Communications Guarantees)
  • AGCM (Antitrust Authority)
  • GPDP (Data Protection Authority)
  • ANAC (Anti-corruption Authority)
  • ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment)
  • COVIP (Pension Fund Supervisory Commission)
  • ART (Transport Regulation Authority)