April 15, 3-5 PM

Opening lecture: Prospect Theory, Loss Aversion and the Law (E. Zamir Hebrew Univ.)


May 6, 2-4 PM

Tools to improve the quality of law and regulation


May 8, 2-4 PM

Impact Assessment+ in-class exercise


May 13, 2-4 PM

Regulation and competition + in-class exercise


May 15, 2-4 PM

Assessing regulation


May 20, 2-4 PM

Case study: burdens assessment and IA in electronic communication sector (M.L. Mariniello AGCOM)


May 22, 2-4 PM

Paper presentations (1)


May 27, 2-4 PM



May 28, 2-4 PM

Paper presentations (2)


June 3, 2-4 PM

Cognitive-based regulation and enforcement strategies


June 22

Final exam


Paper presentations (1)

E. Golberg (2018) «Better Regulation»: European Union Style

C. Radaelli (2018), Halfway Through the Better Regulation Strategy of the Juncker Commission: What Does the Evidence Say?, in JCMS

D.A. Farber (2019), Regulatory Review in Anti-Regulatory Times, in Chicago-Kent Law Review, vol. 94, n. 2

C. Cecot (2019), Deregulatory cost-benefit analysis and regulatory stability, in Duke Law Journal, Vol. 68


Paper presentations (2)

C. Farina, M.J. Newhart, J. Heidt, Rulemaking vs. Democracy: Judging and NudgingPublic Participation That Counts, in Environmental Law Reporter, vol. 44, n. 8, 2014

C.R. Farina, D. Epstein, J. Heidt, M.J. Newhart, Knowledge in the People: Rethinking Value in Public Rulemaking Participation, in Wake Forest Law Review, vol. 47, 2012

S. Shapiro, Can Analysis of Policy Decisions Spur Participation?, in Journal of Cost-Benefit Analysis, vol. 9, n. 3


Optional Additional Activities

  • Lecture on Behavioral Market Failures and Regulatory Responses (Prof. E. Zamir), 17 April
  • Study visit to the Senate of the Republic and guided tour to palazzo Madama (Piazza della Costituente), April- date to be determined
  • Study visit to the Chamber of Deputies and guided tour to Palazzo Montecitorio (Piazza di Monte Citorio), April- date to be determined
  • Study visit to Presidency of the Council of Ministries (palazzo Chigi, Piazza Colonna), April- date to be determined